Where Do I Park

How Does It Work?

"Where Do I Park" app allows to locate available parking spaces absolutely anywhere, on-street or private car parks.

This incredible technology makes it possible.

Parking Sensor

Mount an inexpensive smartphone onto home or office window, point camera to observe parking spaces in the vicinity and launch "Where Do I Park" sensor app. The app will start to analyse parking spaces occupancy in real-time.

Use a discarded smartphone and any glass mount or order a kit from us. The kit also includes a compact solar panel - no ugly wires and worries about powering the device.

Computer Vision

"Where Do I Park" datacenter receives data from sensor app and performs real-time analysis to identify coordinates of available parking locations.

Mobile App

Your smartphone will display a notification with parking spaces availability as you approach the destination. A tap on screen will launch local map that displays each parking space availability in real-time. Forget the tricky navigation interfaces that are dangerous to use while driving, with "Where Do I Park" a single tap is all you need.

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